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Will Big Brands With Big Budgets Takeover Facebook Now

Will big brands with big budgets takeover Facebook now?

I understand there are concerns from small business owners that now with having to pay for posts to be seen more in the newsfeed, the concern is that because big brands have larger advertising budgets that they will be able to afford to do this and us small business owners won’t. I don’t agree.

I think as small business owners we actually have massive advantages, particularly with social media over big brands. Primarily I think that’s because we are closer to the end user, closer to our fans, our Facebook page, closer to our clients and prospects. I think we can get a better feel for what’s being said or not being said, we can take a look at some feedback and decide to do something about it quite quickly.

I don’t see and I don’t feel that many big brands have this feedback mechanism in place. Whoever is handling their social media is often too many steps removed from someone who needs to make the changes or decisions. I feel they miss out big time because of that. Whereas us small business owners, I feel it’s a major benefit, we’re there, we’re much closer, we can respond and act quicker.

We can make changes quicker. Okay, they may have more money to invest in advertising. But as a small business I think we can still use that advertising with much smaller budgets and generate much better results from it than they ever can.

Yes, big brands may win with regards to the budget they have to spend on their advertising. Us small business owners I believe can win with regards to the engagement, the learning through social media.

That’s what we need to focus on. What are the benefits that we as small business owners can get from social media that particularly the big brands can’t get and we can use to our advantage.

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