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Use Facebook As One Step In Your Marketing

What I mean by that is, marketing takes people from getting some awareness about your product or service and moving them through the process of being ready to buy. Now for some businesses, that is just one step, they would come across your product and service, and buy it probably almost on impulse.

Or they know they want to buy it and will perhaps next week, they are actually ready to buy. Then there are other industries where there would be more of a process before, more things would need to happen before they finally buy from you.

Now, Facebook can be a great tool to use in one or even more steps in that process. Basically by that I mean Facebook could be used as a tool, a funnel to bring people into part of that process, part of the buying process.

So consider how you can use Facebook as one or more of the steps in the buying process that your target audience need to go through with you.

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