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Facebook Use Power Editor For Your Ads

Use power editor for your ads.

Now that Facebook have revealed that we need to pay for more users to see our posts, I think the biggest mistake small businesses will make is they will see the option to promote their post or boost their post. There will see that option against the post and it looks like the most obvious thing to use, so they’ll use that one.

Now my suggestion is that you avoid that one completely. First of all, it tends to be very expensive. I have to say I’ve never used it. But I’ve heard a lot of people say that the results they get are very poor with it. Let me explain why the results could be poor and what you can do better. When you click the promote post button, it also promotes to friends of your fans.

Now it be that you only want that post to go to your fans. So using the promote post button sends it to more people than you may want it to go to and hence it pushes your price up. So that’s one reason. Secondly, you only get to set one lot of targeting to promote that post. So you click the promote post button and you can choose some of your targeting, perhaps age, gender, geographical location.

You can set that targeting once if you use the promote post button. But what if you want to target a couple of different segments of your user base because you want to see the results that you’re getting. It might be that you want to target that post, promote that post to a couple of different age groups and see what results you get.

Based on those results then you might be able to fine tune your advertising the next time round to only focus on that age group for example. Now going back to the option of promote post where it promotes to your fans and friends of fans, for some industries or for some posts that may work well. The only way to know though is to try it out and you can’t do that through the promote post button.

You’ve either got to choose it or not. Whereas the tool that I’m recommending to you, the power editor, through that what you can do is you can take your post then create say 4, 6 or 8 ads with different targeting and see which gives you the best results. So you could try targeting just your fans, you could try targeting friends of fans and then you could target by age group, geographical location.

You could break down the targeting to be a lot more specific. The idea behind that is it gives much better results to your ads. The power editor can be accessed through the browser, Chrome. It will take a little bit of getting used to, to use. But I would say it would give you much better targeted results and once you get used to it, it’s quite an easy interface to use.

Promote post might seem to be quite easy in the respect that you just click the promote post button and it’s done. But I would say it’s not the most effective way to be running your adverts and learning from them, to be targeting your next posts much more effectively.

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