This company is run and owned by Wendy Hearn who is a coach, strategist, writer, entrepreneur and  speaker.  She heads up the team of developers, designers and marketing assistants here.

About Wendy Hearn

I work with business owners in the UK and the US to grow their business using many different online techniques. My first website was built in 1998 and was the start of me learning the process of marketing and generating sales online. There was a fundamental mistake made when I got this website and when I learned what this was, it was my first realisation that many web development companies don’t fully understand what a business needs. With my business coaching training I knew that this was a critical key to working successfully with clients.

So, I started the journey to learning all aspects of using the Internet to get new business. This included learning about search engine optimization, pay per click such as Google adwords, web development. At first there seemed a lot to learn but with the Internet moving even faster now than it did in the early days, there is new things to learn every week now. I enjoy this learning and keeping on top of changes and developments. There is no standing still with the Internet. I feel this helps me to offer clients the best options for their unique business circumstances. This continual learning keeps me energized as a person. Even though there are times when one has just grasped the ins and outs of something, to find that something changed on the Internet overnight and its back to the drawing board.

Lately, there seems to have been so many new things to offer clients, including using business Pages on facebook through to designing mobile optimized versions of their website for the increasing numbers of people using mobile devices to access the Internet.

When something new comes out, before I offer it to clients, I like to thoroughly check the pro’s and con’s of it, paying specific attention to whether it will actually help a business with their sales and profits. This is my benchmark before deciding to offer it even if many people are touting it as the latest thing needed for a business.


Professional Biography

Wendy is passionate, inspiring, enthusiastic and her contagious energy makes her fun to work with. She’s a catalyst who brings out your answers, insights, thoughts and ideas. Wendy believes in taking a simple and basic approach so that you can experience the business success you want.  Wendy has received awards for her work.

At the Women in Enterprise Awards 2001 she was named Small Business Consolidator, sponsored by Barclays Bank plc and The Millennium Woman as the candidate who has made an outstanding contribution to business and who encompasses the role of an enterprising woman forging success in this Millennium. “Wendy exemplifies the successful modern business woman: driving her business forward with a clear vision, inspiring others to do the same and providing an excellent role model for aspiring entrepreneurs.”


Professional Qualifications

Graduate of Coach training with Coach U, and Business and Corporate Coach training with Corporate Coach U

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